Friday, 20 July 2012

Matching Animal Print outfits...

Simplicity 5753, A very easy make. (Appart from lots of frayey edges to zig zag(LOADS of edges!))
My completed night wear, made using more of that fab animal print...
Lovely ribbon detail and gathered up neckline...

BIG armholes (Yes my model is wearing a bra so that I could stuff it to the right dimensions!((as you can tell, not that big!!)))

Rather appealing gathered up 'knicker' bottoms...

Not much gather on the waist but that has been rectified, I just put a knot in it! (Yes my model also wears tights' tops so that stuffing can be added to the hipular erea for a more realistic fit!)

The pink one is what it should look like, rather pretty don't you think! I actually put mine on and laughed out loud, it is very voluminous! But I am wearing it as I type and it is very comfortable.

From 1964.

This was the mini me version for my mini me.This was also an easy make though not as easy as the simplicity. This one has sleeves, but still has the gathered neckline

Nice neat seam matching and gently gathered arm-holes.

I altered the shorts slightly and made my own version of an adjustable waist by adding a button to one side of the band and cutting little button slots in the elastic.
 (I need to neaten this a bit!)

These shorts have straight legs and actually have a nice fit when on, the front waistband has interfacing to stiffen it and as you know from above , an elasticated back.

And, the blue checked one with the yellow shorts (no pockets though) is which pattterns I used. From 1977.

Baby Bunny wants to wear hers out doors but I don't!

I don't think I shall be making anything else from this material for a while now.
I found it very fray-ey and hard to cut on a straight line. But it's ok for £2.99 a metre.

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carrie-lee said...

wish i could make things like this your so clever x hope you have a nice holiday too am all booked and going next friday xxxx